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Model 1601
Heliport Recessed Flushlight

Flush mounted light fixture for heliports

Used as: perimeter light
Downing heliport flushlight, model 1601 led, which is designed to provide a lighted outline of the heliport landing area without using too much electricity. With is long lasting lamp you will not have to worry about changing the lamp so often. The led lamp will last for years.

Flush mounted – no obstructions
Recessed, but almost flush with the surface, permitting the movement of materials or equipment over it without damage, while allowing the colored light beams to emit omnidirectionally. Lens guard with six spokes available.

Optically designed lens
New optically designed omnidirectional beam assists the pilot in maintaining his correct glide path. Made of non-breakable plastic (lexan).

Heavy construction
Housed in a heavy, machined, cast aluminum enclosure with a rugged cast aluminum guard that fits precisely to protect the lens and optics without obstructing emissions.

Easily installed
May be recessed in soil or solid aggregate or bolted to the edge of an elevated heliport.

Weather proof
The entire fixture is fully machined and double gasketed for weather proofness, to make it weather tight. The downing heliport flushlight is designed to be recessed almost flush with the ground surface. It provides an omnidirectional spread of light and may be used to: a) mark the periphery of the landing area, b) mark various spots in that area for better depth perception in landing, c) provide a line of lights across the heliport to indicate the preferred directional landing approach, or d) to mark the threshold of the heliport.



Cast Aluminum
Flange Square: 8 Inches
Depth: 5 1/4 Inches
Bottom Diameter: 6 Inches
Weight: 8 Pounds
Polyester Powder Coating, Orange
90-300 VAC


Lexan (Yellow, Clear or Green)
8 Watt LED

Lens Guard

Cast Aluminum





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