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Model 1602 LED - eLEVATED mOUNT
LED Heliport Perimeter Light

Outlines the landing area and FATO area

Low profile, LED perimeter Light

The new Downing Heliport Systems Model 1602 Elevated Perimeter Light can be used as a perimeter light to outline the helipad touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF) of elevated helidecks or existing pavements heliports and the FATO perimeter depending on the recommendations and standards of the applicable regulating agencies.

Easy installation
The 1602 LED perimeter light has two mounting tabs to permit the bolting to a concrete slab for easy surface
mount installation or to an aluminum plate for elevated helidecks.

Optically designed lens
New optically designed omnidirectional beam assist the pilot in maintining visual contact with the helipad. Made of non-breakable UV resistant polycarbonate.

Heavy construction
Housed in a heavy, machined, cast aluminum enclosure with a clamp that fits precisely to hold the lens and optics without obstructing emissions.

Weather proof
The entire fixture is fully machined and double gasketed or weather proofness, to make it weather tight.



Heavy Duty Heat Treated Cast Aluminum
Polyester Powder Coating, Orange
Height: 4 Inches
Diameter: 6 Inches
Weight: 5 Pounds


Ultra Strong UV Resistante Polycarbonate
LED (green or amber)


90–264 VAC, 47–63 Hz or 127–300 VDC




Heliports within the U.S.: Care should be taken to place floodlights clear of the TLOF, the FATO, the safety area, the approach/departure surfaces, and any required transitional surfaces.

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