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Model 1701 – 3 COLOR
Locating Beacons

New super bright identification beacons

These 500 watt identification beacons provide long range visibility, even in heavily lighted areas, plus an image retaining pulse type of flash for better locatability.

Super intensity and long pulse time
Each lamp fixture pulses a special 500 watt Halogen lamp for a full second - 20 times per minute. This combines excellent long range visibility with image retaining locatability compared to the sharp blink and hard to locate flash of the rotating beacon.

Solid state circuit/no moving parts
A solid state, trouble free circuit pulses each lamp in sequence – one color after the other. The circuit is mounted in a heavy cast aluminum, machined and weatherproof housing. Power is 117 Volts, unless ordered otherwise, and the cable enters through the base of the fixture and the pipe base.

Easy to install
The pipe threaded base mounts easily to either a rooftop surface or can be threaded to another pipe pole, such as atop the wind cone assembly, if desired.

Model 1800 Single Color Beacon
This single color beacon can be ordered with red, yellow, blue or clear glass lens. (The usual color is clear).

Model 1701 3 Color Beacon
The Model 1701 has three separate individual colored fixtures: clear, yellow, and green. Each is visible from all directions and has a special heat treated glass lens that is mounted in a weather resistant, cast aluminum fixture. The fixture is mounted in a heavy galvanized pipe candelabra for easy installation on a pole, a wind cone, or on a rooftop.



Heat Treated Glass
Solid State
Cast Aluminum
120 Volt, or Other
Height: 20 Inches
Weight: 9 Pounds

Lens Mount

Cast Aluminum
Halogen 500 Watt

Flash Rate

30 FPM

dwell time

Lens, 3 color

Pulsing Circuit

Galvanized and Powder Coating

Circuit Housing




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