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Model 701
Heliport Surface Floodlight with No Light in Cover

Additional part of the 700 series

The Model 701 is used as an independent floodlight

Under ICAO standards, it may be installed outside the FATO at surface level or in general it may be installed outside the safety are at a 4 foot elevation in the transition space. The wide beams are aimed to uniformly illuminate a 100° spread and reflect the surface of the landing area without glare. The overall height is only 9.5 inches.



Heavy Cast Aluminum
Polyester Powder Coating, Orange


(2) Floodlamps ~ Par 46, 150 Watt Sealed Beam
120 VAC, or other


Height: 9.5 Inches
Width: 19 Inches
Length: 19 Inches
Weight: 38 Pounds



Heliports within the U.S.: Care should be taken to place floodlights clear of the TLOF, the FATO, the safety area, the approach/departure surfaces, and any required transitional surfaces.

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