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Obstruction Light

The OB20 Single Obstruction Light is equipped with a lamp receptacle to accommodate a choice of either an A21 / TS medium screw base lamp of 100 or 116 watts, or a medium prefocus base lamp ---100 watts, A21P---or 1020 lumen series (1020/66/A21) The fixture consists of cast aluminum fittings, utilizes an approved Red Fresnel lens of the flange type, is of the side entrance conduit fitting type in order to facilitate installation on a horizontal conduit stub, and is available with either ¾” or 1” conduit entrance taps.

The Simple Positive Stainless Steel Spring latches provide for easier maintenance on all models.
Relamping is readily accomplished by unfastening the side latches and removing in one piece the lens holder and the lens. A retaining chain is fastened between the lens holder and fixture base to support the lens holder assembly during servicing. The flanged Fresnel lens is seated against an especially compounded long life gasket cemented to the fixture base. Drain holes in the fixture base prevent the accumulation of condensation moisture with in the unit.

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