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Model WC818
Wind Direction Lighting

Wind Cone Assembly

The direction and the velocity of the wind must be seen at night for a safe approach to landing. A lighted Windcone assembly is often required by advisory authorities and it is located near the landing area but not so near that it would be an obstruction. The Heliport Windcone sock has an 18” throat diameter and is 8 feet (2.44M) long. It is orange nylon. The Lighted Windcone Assembly is available in several configurations. The basic size is for the ground based unit while a shorter unit is used for rooftop installations. The ground based unit stands 20 (6 M) feet high, has two internal floodlights that shine inside the sock and one Obstruction light that marks the top of the pole. The assembly is hinged at the middle of the pole so that it may be lowered for maintenance purposes.

The rooftop unit has the same windsock and is lighted in the same way but has a lighter weight pole and stands 10 feet (3M) high. WC818-10Rooftop. Shorter pole - with same Lighting WC818-16 Ground base unit.



3" or 4" Aluminum Tubing
100 Watt ea.
Red, 116 watt
Orange Anodized
Two (Sealed)


Nylon, Orange
18" or 36" Opening, 8' Long


10', 20' and 22'



Candelabra Lamps (2)

Obstruction Light


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